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Photographs and drawings by Georgette Freeman © 2010. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2010 by Georgette Freeman. All rights reserved.


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Currently on the Drawing Board: 12/2010

A small edition of endpapers.


Inside the kitchen at Jones Street, with the Nolan galley proof press in position on the left and an inking station on the right.


Lock-up for the front endpaper, note registration pins in the top and top left of photograph. The front endpaper is pulled from three blocks.


Proofs of "black" run of front and back endpapers, in position as seen from the foredge of the text block for Scheduler "T"


In the studio, looking down on the (drying rack) front bay window table. What with all of the flat spaces I've been able to introduce
into Jones, I believe I can comfortably dry a multi-block edition of up to 50 without seriously impacting my living space or routine.
Somewhat reminiscent of editioning stereo cards some ten or more years ago.


Button and magnet

Design, drawing, and photos by GC Freeman.


Currently on the Drawing Board: 9/2010

Geo & friends

Georgette and Booker, far atop the Boulder CO entrance to the Moffat Railroad Tunnel, September 12, 2010.
To Georgette's right is Jean, a recent acquaintance who remembers San Francisco's Bob's Donuts with great affection.
To Booker's left, is her partner, Susan Brooks.

Currently on the Drawing Board: 8/2010

Bones in various stages of production, hand-shaped and hand-finished by Georgette

Photo: GC Freeman.

carved bones

Currently on the Drawing Board: 7/2010

Georgette's new Scheduler "S"

5.75" x 4.825" x 1.125"
Bound in Harmatan leather; paste paper endpapers; text block hand ruled, lettered, and tabbed in an Arabic style (right-hand opening); ribbon ties and inset pencil-holding tube.

Photos: GC Freeman.




Currently on the Drawing Board: 4/2010

Georgette's contribution to the 2010 Hand Bookbinder's of California members' show, showing at the San Francisco Public Library, June 8–August 15, and the Doyle Library of Santa Rosa Community College, September & October.

Georgette's piece is entitled "Don Glaister at the SFCB, March 2010," and is a keepsake French Tablet with Smithstonian folio box, 5" x 9" x 1-1/4" boxed, $400.

Photos: GC Freeman.

Glaister 2Glaister 1

Currently on the Drawing Board: 2/2010

Beatrice Coron takes a bow, at the February 6, 2010, opening of a San Jose City Library Branch (Santa Teresa Branch Library) featuring her designs, in glass, and pierced, as well as as cast, stainless steel". Photo: GC Freeman.

Georgette in the Landscape: http://ru2bz2c.shutterfly.com/398

Beatrice Coron


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