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Photographs and drawings by Georgette Freeman © 2018. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2018 by Georgette Freeman. All rights reserved.

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Currently on the Drawing Board: 12/26/18




Currently on the Drawing Board: 12/15/18




Currently on the Drawing Board: 8/15/18

Seems I will soon be the driver of a new (to me) vehicle, and the attached pix is from my early July road test before trying to buy it. Put 2k miles on its "clock" (1/10 of its then total miles). Pix was taken by SA at the Maiden's Grave above Beowawe, NV, mid-way through the test which the little Ram ProMaster City [Nomad] passed with flying colors.

Something of a 71st birthday present to myself. Showed my dentist this pix and told him I had fallen in love again. He chuckled.


Currently on the Drawing Board: 4/1/18

Easter Sunday

From my spot on the edge of the crowd with Leigh at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's annual Easter's Sunday picnic and competition in Golden Gate Park's Hellman Hollow.

Old Mary Let-Herself-Go and Puerto Rico Refu-Jesus won the Foxy Mary and Hunky Jesus contests, respectively.  

Caught an N-Judah back downtown from 9th and Irving and rode to Powell Street underground. My bench seatmate on the way back, Todd, the winner of the Easter Bonnet Contest, got off at Civic Center.

Todd's a nice southern-accented gay man from Texas, all atwitter with glitter, and carrying a headdress almost as tall as he, and he is over 6 feet. Todd and I saw eye to eye on many things. He's graduating soon from a local seminary and intends to do what he can to calm the waters through what he joking referred to as "Unitarians Considering Christianity.”

The picture at the head of this entry is proof that everywhere I looked I saw myself.


Currently on the Drawing Board: 2/24/18

“Georgette at work, waiting for a BART train in San Francisco's Embarcadero Station, late December 2017.”  Photographed, collaged, and painted by John Wentz, February 2018. John Wentz is represented in San Francisco by Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery.


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